Monday, September 22, 2008


The story of Brotha Lynch Hung is a weird one. Rest In Piss came out in 1994 and was the first single off of Season Of Da Siccness. It was Lynch Hung's second album for independent gangster rap label Black Market Records. Basically everything about Black Market and Lynch scared the shit out of me. They had a rapper named X Raided on their roster (actually they still do) who is currently serving a 31 year sentence (he get's out in 2027) for killing a rival gang members grandmother (fucking harsh, right?!?). Black Market hired other crips to go visit X - Raided in jail and they would sneak in a tape recorder and record acapella vocals through the phone at Sacramento State Pen. X - Raided has put out something like 6 records since he was put in jail.
It had been rumored that Black Market had and was always just a drug front for Sacramento Crips and the deal Lynch had with them was definitely less than professional. There were no papers signed, nothing but hand shakes and a deal that included Black Market would pay Lynch's rent, and toss him a couple hundred dollars a month so that he could eat and get high. They ended up fucking him over and stopped paying him after his next record 'Loaded' came out so Lynch paranoid and scared of leaving Black Market moved away from Sacramento after fellow Sacramento Rappers and Gang members had accused him of being a 'studio gangster'. Lynch's mom died shortly after and he started only recording these weird songs about killing himself. Anyways, before everything had gone wrong for Brotha Lynch Hung, he put out this gem - or Pop cutie if you will. Rest In Piss..

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