Friday, March 13, 2009


So obvious. So classic. Prince Paul + Rza + Frukwan + Too Poetic. You have ties to Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, AND Stetasonic. THIS is a super group. Fuck you G3!


Junior said...

ahhh man! i remember buying this cd at m-theory when it first opened on juniper and they had like all the rap cd's locked up and shit.

145 Collective said...


I found this LP in a second hand record shop near my home and couldn't believe it. Took it home and rocked it inside out. My brother got so into it and started looking too deep into the lyrics, freaky crazy shit!

Loved the show in the Fenton.
Mazes ripped too (there first gig!!!)

Here's a drawing for you!

Dennis said...

One of my favorite albums on tape that i will never get rid of.

Olympic Artichoke said...
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Olympic Artichoke said...

"Ive been examined ever since I was semen
They took a sonogram and seen the image of a demon"

Shelby Wilson said...

This is sweet.

Also, that picture, Collective, is unreal. I love it!

Mario Orduno said...

OBVIOUSLY you haven't heard of Chickenfoot. Hellooooo. Joe Satriani, Chad Smith (RHCP), Michael Anthony (Van Halen) and Sammy Hagar (the famous Red Rocker). On sale June 9, 2009!!

Sarah said...

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