Friday, October 24, 2008


I always liked Redman. Even in that weird actor/rapper Redman period I thought he was cool. Seems to me everyone kind of thinks of him as a joke, which is partly his own fault but, SHIT man he put out a platinum record at one point, as well as 4 other gold records and was named 'Rap Artist Of The Year' in 1992 by The Source. Doesn't that count for nothin'??!?! Let's just pretend 'Red Gone Wild' never happened and open up our godamn motherfuckin' earholes to one of the illest cuts of the 90s.
Redman - Tonights Da' Night.

But seriously, how are you going to go wrong when you got a grizzly flow like redman and you are sampling Mary Jane Girls for yr beats? It's a match made in weed heaven. There are a bunch of half naked dudes dancing around in this video which is kind of interesting when compared to (most) standard rap videos; that have an eerily similar recipe for success.

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