Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I won't lie... I fucked with 50 back when "Get Rich..." came out. That album sucked me back into rap and away from early 80's hardcore because like the rest of America, I was wondering how this dude got shot nine times and lived to rap about it (again and again and again). Now I wish 50 would get shot dead this time, and G-Unit as a whole is pretty much shit. I mean who else could ruin Mobb Deep? Seriously, that takes some fucking serious voodoo. Young Buck is hardly a favorite of mine but somehow he got blessed with a gem this time around and I'm glad the Outlawz got to crawl out of obscurity for a moment to get gritty on my favorite track since "Hit Em Up". 2Pac was the King in my eyes and he taught these boys well, and while this isn't their shining moment, the beat is so good they could twidle their thumbs and make stupid noises and I'd still think this shit's classic.

Driving Down Freeway (Feat The Outlawz) - Young Buck

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catdirt said...


you rule. i'm friends with josh sesac. good luck with everything.
xo cat dirt