Friday, October 31, 2008


Kanye, Twista, R Kelly, Common... Chicago has made a name for itself, but for the most part the best shit always went under the radar and straight into the used bin. My Midwest cuddies could argue for days about who went the hardest in the Chi: the West or the Southside (totally pretending like the North doesn't even exist). But it's the Westside that produced Do Or Die and Psychodrama, the two hardest hitting Windy City rap groups in my opinion, so it's dubs up, period. Do Or Die are known for their collaberations with Twista way back but it's their mix of soulful hooks and legit street credibility, THE rarest element in hip hop these days, that got their name on the tongues of true heads. Chicago is a money making city. The gangs don't just put on bandanas and write on walls. Motherfuckers had whole project units turned into drug distribution centers the one time couldn't even infiltrate. Pimpin was as accepted as going the school route and it's just as common to see dudes banged out with canes and hats as it is a bomber jacket and a fitted. The West Side was the epicentre of pimpology. Do Or Die lived that, and they literally exhale legit swag.

Do Or Die - "Po Pimp"


Stephen said...

don't forget crucial conflict and the countless others featured on various "Chi-Bangin" mixes. Also, if you haven't heard it, check out the track by D.A. Smart called "Walk Wit Me."

TOBY said...

"Walk With Me" is a legit jam. I heard there was a sequel to that song. Crucial Conflict are cool too but they never grabbed me like Do Or Die or Psychodrama.

Stephen said...

I think this is the sequel -

Do or Die were definitely the best of out of that crop of stuff. I think the slow jam r&b tip they were on kinda set them apart from the straight up fast rap shit everyone was doing at the time. The original version of "Adrenaline Rush" by Twista is also a gem.