Monday, October 6, 2008


Classic Cut obviously right? So fucking good. The sample is the best, and it taken from a group in the 70s called Enoch Light and the Light Brigade. The song was called 'Hi-Jack' and is BAD ASS! Jennifer Lopez basically stole this beat from Beatnuts for her single 'jenny from the block'. What a slut, right? I know.

The Beatnuts - Watch Out now

The song they sample for Watch out now (Enoch Light - Hi-Jack)

Jennifer Lopez 'performing' 'Jenny From the Block'. GROSS. The important part is the DJ trying to mix in Boogie Down Productions - South Bronx in the backround. While yr at it listen to those corny ol' J-Lo lyrics for this song. Here's my personal favorite "I'm real I thought I told you, I've really been on Oprah" Or "I'm down to earth like this, rockin' business". HAAAAAAAA!

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Marey said...

you're funny. I kinda enjoyed reading this. kinda. props for "so bored" while Im at it.